Facebook ads Becoming more and more Popular Everyday

Facebook is undeniably still the undisputed most visited website of all. This is according to surveys done by Google, Alexa.com, Nielsen.com, and more. Another related fact has something to do with what is called as banner ads. Although banner ads are continually slammed by critics as ‘useless’, it remains one of the most popular marketing campaigns that any person can find or do online. To specifically put the information together, banner ads on Facebook are deemed effective because of its wide market reach. Up to this day it remains the most affordable venue for online advertisement. Say you have a starting out business and you really, really want to advertise it online but you’re on a tight budget, banner ads on Facebook is one of the most ridiculously brilliant idea you can put into fruition.

Facebook ads Becoming more and more Popular Every dayThere are some components you must consider before you start banner ads on Facebook. You must consider the size of your ad banner and you must hatch a concept of how your banner should look like. The key to your banner ads success is to make it as creative and as outstanding as possible on a size that is not too small or too big. You have to be specific. Otherwise you lose the engaging power of your advertisement.

The problem is you may not have an idea how to make your own banner. The good thing is there is help online. There are plenty of banner makers but you only need one banner maker online for your advertisement needs. You can one to create your own banner ads. Below is a list of the best banner makers based on the criteria of the following: easy navigation for beginners, absolutely zero charges, and compatibility to websites.  A banner maker online has an app on Facebook, which makes the task of creating banner ads easier and faster on your part.

Banner Maker #1.  Firstcovers.com. This website is an online go to that leaves specific instructions on how you can create your own banner on Facebook. They have an app on Facebook that you need to sign up on. From there you can choose to create a banner with images from the pictures you have uploaded. You can use up to 10 pictures on this banner maker. You can even use different text descriptions with their “text description” tab. Have fun creating your own collage with this banner maker online.

Banner Maker #2. MyBannerMaker.com. This is the simplest banner maker you can find online. Yet a lot of people would testify that with mybannermaker.com, the most awesome banners for Facebook and other social networking websites can be made. This online app is ideal for businesses as they offer different size samples for your banner. Mybannermaker.com offers sizes that range from leaderboards to buttons. Their service is also free. They offer the latest graphic designs and the latest layout styles that is why you will have plenty of options to create the best banners for your business.

Banner Maker #3. Bannernow. If you think you can pull off a banner that requires flash media, Bannernow would be the perfect partner. You don’t have to be a computer wizard to be able to do that. With Bannernow building a flash banner has never been easier. All you have to do with Bannernow is choose, select, edit, and have fun. You can be OC about it and take it seriously but it’s guaranteed that you wouldn’t have any difficulty with this online banner maker. When you’re done, you can just download the file and upload it on Facebook.

Banner Maker #4.  BannerAdsCreator. This other banner maker is one of the easiest to use. It’s perfect for anyone who is insecure about the technicalities involved in creating banner ads. With this banner maker, you can create colourful and catchy banners with outstanding backgrounds and you’ll never have any difficulty doing so because BannerAdsCreator’s system makes it easier. It has advanced features but you will never have any difficulty using it. It’s absolutely free too. 

Banner Maker #5. BannerFresh. Just like the other banner makers mentioned in this list, this banner maker is guaranteed very easy to use, compatible with Facebook format, and absolutely charges nothing. It also gives its user the option of choosing for the different banner ads sizes, effects, borders, and more. All you have to do is choose and click, save the file, and upload it on Facebook. It doesn’t require any programming codes. That’s why you can do the customization with BannerFresh by yourself. 

Any one of the banner makers mentioned in the list could become your perfect business partner. With the right banner maker you can give your start-up business or already existing business the right promotion that it needs. Remember that creativity and patience are key factors for your success as well.


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